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Ask Max: No USB 2.0 on 12™ PowerBook

Asked on 09/05/2006:

Dear Jacob: I just bought a used 12™ power book from Powermax. After the purchase I noticed this comp has the older 1.1 usb ports. What are the ways to upgrade to 2.0 usb.


Unfortunately the first generation of 12™ PowerBooks did not come with USB 2.0 and without a PCMCIA card slot on the 12™ model it is impossible upgrade anything but the RAM and hard drive. Most items that require USB 2.0 will often work on USB 1.1 connections but just at a lower speed. USB 1.1 delivers less power than USB 2.0 so you are probably going to want to use a powered hub in between the computer and USB 2.0 devices.Sorry for the bad news but I hope you enjoy everything else about your PowerBook.Jacob Loeb

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