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Ask Max: Need help unzipping a .zip file.

Asked on 04/17/2007:

I have tried to download some programs like dvd2one as an example and am unable to open it. It goes right to my disk utility and I can't find a program that will open anything that I download. Please help me.


The problem you are experiencing has to do with file compression. Most downloadable software has been run through a process that makes the end file smaller, but unusable in its smaller size. This act of compressing a file into a smaller size has to be undone by an application that understands how it was compressed. There are many varieties of file compression programs and OS X understands the majority of them. Unfortunately, some compression software is proprietary and it requires you to use that company's software to uncompress those files. In your case, "" is a ZIP file and you will need an unzipping application to decompress it. The most common Mac program is Stuffit Expander and it was included in Mac OS version prior to OS 10.4 Tiger. You can get a free unstuffer here but they will need your email address and will then use it to market to you. Once you have installed Stuffit Expander, all those files should start to open up for you.

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