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Ask Max: Need a fast network solution for two Macs

Asked on 08/28/2006:

I was on the PowerMax site just now and I noticed the ask Jacob section. I have a Mac G3 and a brand new G5. I do lots of large file graphics and I wanted to know the best way to link them together to share files instead of thumb drives back and forth. I'm not that familiar with networks but I would imagine that would be the best way, anything you can suggest I would greatly appreciate.


A FireWire network could be just the thing to make your two computers work together quickly. You are going to need at least Mac OS 10.3 or higher on each system to do this. Both computers are gong to need to have FireWire ports that are connected by a FireWire cable for each computer do the following: Go to "System Preferences" under the blue Apple menu and click on Network. Under the "Show" pull-down menu choose "Network Port Configurations." Uncheck every checkbox except "Built-In-FireWire." If Built-In-FireWire is not an option you are going to click on the "New" button. From there create a name of Built-In-FireWire and choose Built-In-FireWire from the "Port" pull-down. Click OK and then back in the network section click "Apply Now." If you connect to the Internet with these computers you may have to leave some checkboxes checked for the appropriate connection. When Built-In FireWire is not the only checked port you are going to want to drag Built-In FireWire to the top of the Port Configurations list. Now go back to the Systems Preferences main window and select Sharing. Check the checkbox next to "Personal File Sharing." Head back to the Network preferences and select from the Show pull-down menu "Built-In-FireWire." Change the TCP/IP setting from "Using DHCP" to "Manually." Under IP address enter on one computer an IP of and on the other computer use as the IP address. Click Apply Now and close the window. From the Finder click on the Go menu and select connect to server. Enter the IP address of the opposite computer in the Server Address text field and click on Connect. You will need to enter the User name and password for the computer you are connecting to when prompted. Select the other computer's hard drive and now you can get files from that computer at FireWire speeds.

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