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Ask Max: My PowerBook won't come out of sleep mode...

Asked on 03/05/2009:

Help! I purchased a certified pre-owned PowerBook 14" aluminum in July from PowerMax. Yesterday I let it go into sleep mode and now cannot get it to come out of sleep mode. It won't restart or anything else. I've tried using the power button, various key combinations, the touch pad, and I even removed the battery. Even with the battery out, the slowly pulsing light on the latch button for the display continues to pulse. Is my machine already useless? Please let me know if there is anything I can do to get it out of this condition, and then how to prevent it in the future. Thanks.


In most cases holding down the power button for a continued time will force your Apple Mac to shutdown. It is not good to do often, but this procedure is intended to be an emergency off option. If that fails to work, then your only other option would be to remove the battery and power cord and repeat the power off option of holding down the power-button until the sleep light on the front stops glowing. Because the power button is in the upper right hand corner and it is not always certain that the button is fully depressed, try pinching the button down. Use your right thumb to press the button and have your right pointer finger underneath the laptop, directly below your right thumb. This way you will be able to maintain the button press and signal the shut down. After it is shut down you should follow the linked procedure for a PMU reset and then power-up the computer again.

Hopefully the PMU reset should prevent you from suffering through this problem again.


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