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Ask Max: My new hard drive won't boot in my G4 PowerMac

Asked on 09/13/2010:


I have a 1GHZ dual processor and the new HD I purchased from your company will not boot! I removed the jumper and there are no other drives attached. The machine sold to me is a PATA/8MB cash WD WD2500AAJB 250 GB drive.

I unpacked it and hooked it up with the case open but I can not seem to mount the drive. I used a OSX 10:3 system disk and tried to reformat the disk with the system software but I just can not see the icon-it does not mount. I am ready to return the HD for another one if we can not resolve this issue promptly.

Thanks, Gary


If you have a Mirrored Drive Door G4 PowerMac, all drives in the Mac need to be pinned as "Cable Select." Also, see if the drive can be viewed in the Finder window as it's possible in OS X to have drives mounted but not visible on your desktop. That setting is adjustable in the Finder preferences.

If you continue to have problems you can certainly contact your sales person for direct customer support.

- Jacob

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