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Ask Max: My new Airport card won't see or connect to our wireless network.

Asked on 03/22/2010:

We received the "new" airport card and when trying to connect to our wireless router, the error message came up saying "unable to connect to network with our name."

So it won't allow connection to any network from what I understand.

Any suggestions now? Because we are at a total loss! Lesson not buy on ebay!!!

- Angie & Kelly


A replacement Airport card, the FastMac.

I am fairly sure it is a network password issue. Turn off your wireless network password on the router and see if you can connect your iBook to it.

You could also try to find another Wi-Fi location without a password to test the card. Some Coffee shops offer free internet for their customers, and that would at least tell you if the card works. If the card is the issue, consider this FastMac AirPort Card as well.

- Jacob

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