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Ask Max: My Mac's screen is locked - help!

Asked on 01/19/2010:


I was attempting to get back to my Mac set up and perhaps I screwed up permissions because the screen became locked.

I shut it down - only thing I could do. Have tried everything to reboot - reset pram, safe reboot, option command reboot, etc etc.

Nothing is working.

I should still be under warranty. Shall I send for replacement? Need something sooner than later. From reading other people have had to have HD replace - ?



- Mary Grace


I hear that you have already spoken to our people in sales to get some assistance. It is likely that you only have a software problem, and not a hardware problem. Your best option is to boot up off your OS X Leopard install disc that came with your Mac and do an "Archive and Install" of the Mac OS. It will not overwrite your personal data, just the broken System files.

Apple also has a great informational resource on the Archive and Install process.

I hope this helps


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