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Ask Max: My Mac Pro mouse cursor jumps to the corners of my screen...

Asked on 05/01/2009:

Hi Jacob,

Have you had anybody have problems with their mouse where the cursor will jump to the corners of the screen? This is the standard mouse I got with a Mac Pro I purchased in May. I've played with surfaces and that had some effect but I can be at rest and the cursor will just jump to the corner! ?? In any application. Just navigating on the desktop. Any thoughts?

Thanks, CT


There are a few surfaces that can cause this kind of pointer-jump effect with optical mice on any Apple computer. This happens because the light that illuminates the surface under the mouse refracts the light beam and confuses the optical sensor. The sensor needs to have a steady image change to track the mouse movements. The main surfaces to avoid are, glass, fake wood, and glossy plastic. All these surfaces can bend the light and trick the mouse into thinking you are moving it around. Found in practically every office, the best neutral surface that is a white piece of paper. You can use the paper as a mouse pad to test whether it is surface substance alone that is causing your mouse issues. If it is a surface issue, try using a dark colored cloth-topped mouse pad.

If it continues to jump on the paper, it is probably a dirty optical lens on the bottom of the mouse. Use some compressed air to blow out any dust or debris from the sensor hole on the bottom of the mouse. This will often do the trick.

Hope this helps,


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