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Ask Max: My mac no longer recognizes my camera ...

Asked on 08/02/2010:

I have a Mac running 10.5.6 software. It will not recognize my Sony video camera anymore even though I have used it several times before.

It is connected via firewire 800/400 & I have tried all I can think of except a new firewire. I unplugged everything including power and firewire & I also reinstalled the software and still nothing in finder. I have seen people complaining of these issues online and unfortunately I can't afford Apple support. Any help would be appreciated.

- John


Sad MacHave you tried updating to 10.5.8, just to see if that fixes the issue? Beyond that, you should see if the camera shows up in other applications. For instance, on Apple computers the iChat application lets you use FireWire camcorders as an iSight camera.

Open iChat and see if the Video/Audio tab shows the camera as a functioning source. If it is working in iChat, then the camera is fine and you need to focus on the software you are using to edit it. Are you using iMovie or another program? It could be that any none Apple software did not get updated to work with newer versions of the Mac OS. In that case you may want to update that software or switch to iMovie.

Hope that helps,


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