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Ask Max: My iMac mouse freezes up...

Asked on 05/26/2009:

Hello Jacob,

I'm experiencing intermittent mouse freezes, periodically it just won't respond, however when I power down and reboot it will work, for a while and sometimes for the whole session. Also the power light goes on and off intermittently. I changed the PRAM battery on 10/10/08 (six weeks ago) and I just reset the PMU switch but I'm still experiencing the same problems. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should try next?

Thank you for your time,



You have started with some good first step by replacing the PRAM battery and resetting the PMU in your Apple computer. You will now need to look at your RAM. If you have multiple sticks of RAM in your G4 iMac you should turn off your computer and remove one RAM stick. Use your computer without that one stick for a while. If it locks up on you again, you should remove another stick of RAM and put the one you pulled first, back in. Start up the computer and use it, each time it locks up, swap out another stick of RAM until you have cycled thorough all the RAM. If it locks up with every RAM configuration then you will need to look at another cause.

The next step would be to do an Archive and install of your Mac OS X. An Archive and install will replace your System folder with a clean copy of the Mac OS while leaving your software and personal files intact. You can do an Archive and install of any OS X install DVD. If the Archive and Install fails to change anything it will most likely need to be taken into an Apple Authorized service center for further diagnostics.

Hope that helps,


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