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Asked on 06/29/2010:

Somehow I managed to remove (delete?) my Home folder (icon) from the Dock. The Home Icon still appears in my various windows and sidebars. Tried dragging the icon from several places to the Dock, but could not get it to reappear in the Dock. Selected the Home icon and went to the pull down menu under File and clicked on Get Info. From that window dragged the image of the Home icon to the Dock. That was successful, except that the icon appearing in the Dock is a FOLDER, not the House icon. Clicking on the folder does give me all the contents of the Home folder,

How can I get the House icon back?

I am the administrator. This problem is on an iMac running OSX 10.6.3.

Thank you for any help/suggestions,


Answer:I just tried this now, but I will be honest I never knew the icon for the home folder would appear as the house icon if you had it in the dock. I have never placed the home folder there but it works for me. I opened up my hard drive in the finder and went to the Users folder. Then I dragged the Home folder icon to the Dock. After it is on the Dock, you right click on it, or [control] click on it, and select the Folder option under the ™Display As™ section. It then will display the House icon

Hope that works for you and I think I may keep it on my Dock too.


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