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Ask Max: My G5 Power Mac screen just froze - any ideas?

Asked on 02/24/2010:

I have a G5 (C-U65874) that I bought used from PowerMax in April 09. Yesterday the screen froze, no response with mouse or any key. I used the power button on the front of computer to turn it off. When I turn it back on now it does not make usual start up sounds, but quickly power light reverts to flashing three times with a pause in between. Fan comes but no hard drive clicking.

At time of failure I was using a flat panel Apple screen. After failure I hooked up to my old Viewsonic CRT, which had worked previously. The CRT just said ™no signal™.

Any ideas?

- Gale


The ™flashing three times with a pause in between™ is indication that the RAM may have failed. You can try reseating the RMA but if that fails, you can try to replace your existing G5 Power Mac RAM with two new sticks.

- Jacob

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