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Ask Max: My G5 iMac is having power issues.

Asked on 03/23/2010:


I purchased an iMac G5 1.8 ghz, 20" LCD in September 2005.

Today I went to start it up, and it won't start.

It was having issues in the last 2 days, in that the screen would suddenly go black, and then the fan would turn on high. It was running fine otherwise, but now, dead. I can't even get it to start up.

Were there any extensions of the "iMac G5 Repair Extension Program for Video and Power Issues"? I note that this was to extend from 3 years of the original purchase date; I know that has passed.

Please advise.




The G5 iMac having power issues looks like this.

In general Repair Extensions from Apple only last three years from the date of purchase.

It is possible that that it is just a failed power supply and those can be replaced. It would be best to have an Apple Authorized repair center look over the G5 iMac before swapping out parts though.

- Jacob

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