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Ask Max: My daughter's iPod went though the washer - can it be saved?

Asked on 11/02/2009:

My daughter has a 3rd generation iPod nano silver 4 GB and it got put through the washing machine by accident. Is there any hope of repair or do we need to just get a whole new one for her?

The earbuds work just fine but so far nothing is working with the iPod. I didn't know if we had a shot of it working if it dried out completely or if the water would ruin the internal components. Please help me out! I'm feeling horrible about it.

- Timon


[caption id="" align="alignright" width="120" caption="Even the mighty iPod nano is no match for a washing machine..."]Even the mighty iPod nano is no match for a washing machine...[/caption]

It is unlikely your daughters iPod nano will come back from the dead. The wash is a thorough killer of the iPod family, particularly the batteries. The best bet is to dry it in the windowsill, on a sunny day. That should get it warm enough to cook out the moisture without further damaging the electronics. After a day of drying try connecting it to a computer through the docking cable. Then see if it will power on. Even if the battery is dead it should still work off the USB power. If you see nothing it will probably mean you need a new iPod.

If it does turn on then try to charge the battery. If it does not charge, there are battery replacement options. Some sites offer repair, but those could cost as much as just replacing the unit.

- Jacob

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