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Ask Max: My daughter ran her MacBook Pro under water - can this thing be salvaged?

Asked on 02/25/2010:

Hi, I have an issue and am not sure how to proceed. I bought my daughter a MacBook Pro for college (from Apple) and she apparently sleep walks now and took the MBP to the kitchen and ran the kitchen faucet over the keyboard in hopes of removing all the crumbs in it….Grrr. The MBP is only ONE month old and is NOT covered under any warranty since it’s user error water damage!

I took it to the Apple Store and they said there was a little corrosion on the inside, but the hard drive was good. So, I’m looking to fix this one, sell the parts, trade in a PC or two to replace this thing. Do you have any suggestions???

Thanks for your help.

- Toni


Water damage is one of those ™total loss™ situations. We would never use a part from that kind of damaged computer for a repair because they will fail prematurely, if they have not failed already. You could try selling it on eBay for parts. Perhaps the LCD would fetch you something, as the display on those are more often the part damage in a drop.

- Jacob

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