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Ask Max: My Bluetooth keyboard and mouse suddenly stopped working...

Asked on 10/30/2009:


I purchased an open-box MacBook from PowerMax about two weeks ago. Until today, I was using and Apple Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Today, I find no Bluetooth preference and get this error message:

"The Bluetooth tab of Keyboard & Mouse preferences is hidden because you don't have a Bluetooth module installed or attached to your computer."

When I search About this Mac for Bluetooth, I get, "No information found."

- Frank


There is the chance that it is a Software related issue. If you boot up off the Mac OS Install DVD, you can reinstall the OS via an Archive and Install. Then run Software update to get your MacBook to the most recent version. Also make sure that your MacBook does not need a Firmware or SMC update.

If after that, you still have trouble, it may bee that the Bluetooth module needs to be replaced. If that is the case, any Apple Authorized service center can do that for you as part of the Apple warranty on your product. Use Apple's Service Location Tool to find your nearest provider.

- Jacob

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