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Ask Max: My aging G5 needs to be replaced, but should I wait for new Mac Pros?

Asked on 07/01/2010:

My aging Mac G5 Dual 2.7 Ghz can no longer use the latest Mac OS, and I am a heavy Photoshop user, who cannot even update to the newest Elements, without an Intel processor.

Should I get one of the (also aging) Mac Pro's, or wait until a new Mac Pro is released by Apple?

Any idea when that might be? It has been significantly over a year now since that model was updated.

- Phil


Mac ProMac Pros are due for an update but Apple has been slowing down Mac development on the Pro side. We will often get indications of a future update via long delivery times or short supply in the channel. We have not see any of those signs of change with the Mac Pro. If you need a Mac Pro in the next 60 days, I would get the one you want now but that is just a educated guess.

Hope that helps

- Jacob

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