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Ask Max: Moving G4 far away from Apple Display

Asked on 07/26/2006:

I bought a 23 inch Mac Display and a used G4 dual processor from you several months ago.I would like to move the G4 as far away from where I work, a distance of 15 - 18 feet.What special cables are available to connect my Apple Display to G4 at this distance, including power cables?Your advice would be most appreciated.


There are several options for extending an Apple display's cable. I like the Dr. Bott cables best. You have either the ADC 23" or the DVI 23" Apple display and the extension cable you want to use will depend on which display you have. The ADC display is housed in clear plastic and the DVI has an all-metal finish.If yours is an ADC display, then you should look at the Dr Bott ADC Extension Pro (PN 0113-ADCP). It will extend the reach of your display by 15 feet without loss of signal clarity. For DVI displays you will want to look at the Dr Bott DVI Extension Pro (PN 0126-DVEP). This cable will give you 15 feet of extra cord for both the DVI cable and USB 2.0. The only drawback is that it will not extend the FireWire 400 to the display. Both of the Dr Bott cables will work as a daisy-chain for a total of four extensions, so you can in effect move your display an additional 60 feet from the computer.I hope that gets the display far enough away for your liking. If you need to go any further you may just want to get a laptop.

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