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Ask Max: Moving files from a PC to a Mac

Asked on 05/09/2007:

Would I able to transfer files from a PC to a Mac? photos etc.


You absolutely can move your files over to the Mac. Most file formats are the same on the Mac as they are on the Windows OS. That is particularly true for photos and documents. Music will often move over without problems as well, unless the song is copy protected. Some online music stores make it difficult to move your music files from one system to another.

Most everything you will need from a Windows system can be brought over by copying your "My Documents," "My Pictures," and "My Music" folders onto a CD-R or USB hard drive. A Mac will see any hard drive that you have used with your old PC. Any disc you burn on the PC will work perfectly in the Mac. USB flash drives would also be perfectly suitable for file transfer.

Once you get the files over to the Mac, use iTunes to import your music. Use iPhoto to import your pictures. Then everything else can be placed in your Documents folder on the Mac.

I hope that helps move you to Mac, you are going to love it.

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