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Ask Max: Missing DVD burner in OS X

Asked on 11/02/2006:

Hi, ok here we go. I have a Mac G4 with OSX 10.2.8 Just hooked up a Sony external DVD burner. Now when I go to burn something it says no device to burn, yet in my Apple profiler it says the Sony is there. ????


New burners can be complicated to add to older operating systems. There are really two ways to interact with disc media burners on a Mac. The most common way to burn a disc is with the built-in Desktop Burning features of the Mac OS. This feature will recognize a blank disc when it is inserted into the drive and manage the type of burn you want to perform. For this to happen the OS has to have all the drivers and burner definitions stored in the OS. When you buy a burner that is newer than your operating system, it will be unlikely to work with Desktop Burning. The OS in that case will not have the drivers you need to control that burner. A solution would be to upgrade your OS to a current version (Mac OS X Tiger 10.4x).. The other method of burning is to use specific burning software. Roxio Toast is a popular Mac disc burning software package that can burn all of your media needs (Roxio Toast 7 Titanium). The problem you will encounter is that it wants a Mac OS version of 10.3.9 or higher. Sometimes drives will ship with a limited version of Toast that has lower system requirements. Your new Sony burner may have come with that software. Try installing it if it was included and that could solve your problems.Otherwise I would recommend you upgrade to Mac OS 10.4 Tiger.Hope that works for you.

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