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Ask Max: Mirrored Door G4 Power Mac Firewire 800

Asked on 02/27/2007:

I'm considering the purchase of a Mirrored Door G4. What is unique about the FW800? Does it just have an extra FW800 Port? In comparing two M. D. G4/1 GHz models everything being equal as far memory, HD, disk, etc how much cost increase for one of them being a Dual Processor? Also am I correct that all of the G4's will boot from OS 9 & OS X? And 1 last question is USB 2.0 on any stock G4?


The FireWire 800 Mirrored Drive Door (MDD) G4 has most of the same features as the first generation MDD G4s. Of course it has an added FireWire 800 port, but it also can take Airport Extreme cards instead of the slower original Airport cards. Also, it is quieter than the first generation MDD G4 towers. The biggest difference is that the FireWire 800 MDD G4s do not boot into OS 9. The original MDD was the last computer to allow booting into OS 9. That makes them the fastest OS 9 booting G4s and consequently they are a little more expensive than the OS X only version with FireWire 800. No G4 tower came with USB 2.0 native. A PCI USB card would have to be used.

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