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Ask Max: Mighty Mouse scroll wheel problems

Asked on 10/09/2006:

My G5 Tower is three months old and the mighty mouse scroll has ceased to be cooperative. The mouse works fine otherwise, but no fancy scroll capabilities. Thoughts?Moused in Massachusetts.


When the input devices in our lives fail us slowly, it can be more painful than if they just stop working altogether. The Apple Mighty Mouse™ is not invincible like the cartoon character it was named after. It's most likely a mechanical failure that can only be addressed by replacing the mouse. The hockey puck mouse was the last Apple mouse that could be taken apart and repaired. Now Apple makes their mice in a way that makes the product disposable. The good news is that your mouse is covered under the AppleCare warranty and it will be replaced.If you feel like trying to work out your problems with this mouse first, then there is something to try. Many people have encountered problems with the scroll ball, but most often the problem is having only one direction of scrolling. You may have an advanced case of this problem. The solution is simple. Using a cotton cloth, clean the scroll ball with light rubbing alcohol. Unplug the mouse and turn it upside down. Rub the scroll ball firmly with the alcohol-dampened cloth, trying to clean all sides of the ball. Let the alcohol dry and then plug it in. If only partial scrolling returns repeat the cleaning.Hope this salvages your mouse relationship.

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