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Ask Max: Memory Upgrade For A G4 iMac

Asked on 10/01/2008:

I recently came by an original iMac 15" Flat Panel ("iLamp" G4 - 700MHz, CD-RW), a decent "little" machine that I'm about to upgrade the memory and install a SuperDrive; but while I was getting the parts together decided to see if there was a reasonable CPU upgrade path for this machine.

After searching the web for a while I saw that Daystar Digital once had a product to do just that but it appears they no longer sell it. I've looked for other solutions but have struck out so far. Any help?


I have looked around and did not found any residual support for upgrading the G4 iMac's processor. I remember when this process came about and it involved you sending back your old logic board to be upgraded or exchanged. I was never that fond of this because, unlike other processor upgrades, this required the old processor to be unsoldered and a new processor soldered on; risky business in my book. If it is not a socketed processor, it is not upgradable by my standards.

Even without a processor upgrade that is a good computer for the basics.

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