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Ask Max: Memory problems when upgrading to Tiger

Asked on 09/10/2007:

I have a dilemma. I am running an ancient OS X of 10.1.5. (please try to hold back your laughter). I need to upgrade. My problem is that I don't have enough RAM. Well, should I say enough original Apple RAM to suffice. I need additional RAM to upgrade. I am trying to put Tiger on my CPU, but I get a 'kernel panic-no platform' error. I have never upgraded because it never seemed like I needed to, or I just couldn't afford it. It still runs like a charm, so I may even consider the trade in program. Please let me know where I can get good RAM. My unit description is as follows:

G4 (Digital Audio version) Charcoal
533 Mhz (I believe)
128 MB RAM (upgraded to 640MB)
Internal CD-RW
Built-in Firewire


Well that is an interesting error to get when installing. It seems strange that RAM that shows up in Mac OS X 10.1 would not work with OS X 10.4. In my experience, if it works in one version of OS X then it is almost certainly going to work in another version of OS X. I am curious, did you get an OS X Tiger CD pack from Apple? If you only have a CD-RW drive, it would not read the Tiger install DVD. Perhaps you have a non-retail version of OS X. If it is a retail version then it will have a black label. If it is grey-labeled, then the installer is locked to a particular Mac model that came with 10.4 pre-installed.

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