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Ask Max: Making the best of older Macs

Asked on 04/21/2008:

Someone recently gave me a G3 desktop and a Power PC desktop.

These machines are old but still working.

I don`t want to toss them out if something can be done with them... the 7300/2000 seems to be running the best (faster) it has 385 mb of memory installed; how much could I max the RAM out to? And will the RAM from the G3 fit ?


I have fond memories of both beige systems. In theory, the G3 Desktop should be faster than the 7300/200 Power Mac. It's possible that the 7300 had a processor upgrade over the years. That could easily make it faster than an un-upgraded G3 Desktop. Look at the System Profiler under the Apple menu to see what processor speed you have.

The 7300 could support 1GB of RAM via 8 128MB chips. It is probably OK to aim instead for 512MB via 8 64MB chips.

This RAM for the 7300 is different than the RAM in the G3 Desktop. The beige G3 Power Macs used PC66 SDRAM and would only support 768MB total RAM via 3 256MB chips.

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