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Ask Max: MacBook Pro - hating the glossy screen - what to do?

Asked on 11/02/2006:

I just got a 17" MacBook Pro. I'm totally regretting getting a glossy screen because it is so shiny. It's more like glassy, rather than glossy.. I had to move my desk just for that and I'm still getting some glare from the lights. I don't have my own office, so the choice is limited.Is there anything I can do other than exchanging it, like adding a filter?


I think the solution for you would be The 3M Notebook Privacy screen for 17" wide screen laptops. This screen is designed for data security, but should have a dimming effect on your screen. The screen works by blocking light traveling in any direction except for straight forward. This also will block light in the opposite direction from hitting the screen.. So window glare and the overhead lights will no longer reach the glossy Mac Book Pro screen. This is a special order item so call into the PowerMax sales line and ask them about PN H68119 (Vendor # PF17.0W).Let me know how this works for you..

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