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Ask Max: MacBook Pro Hard Drive Is Too Loud

Asked on 11/02/2006:

I purchased a Mac Book Pro 15" 2GHz Intel Core Duo from you a few months ago. The MaacBook Pro hard drive made noise from the day I received it. I took it to the Apple store and they said it was normal to make noise. Now it is very loud making crackling sounds most of the time. It seems to be getting louder and more frequent recently. I am very concerned for my data should it fail. Have you had any experience with this sort of complaint?Vincent DonileThanks for your help


Drive noise is a problematic area when diagnosing problems. All MacBook Pro hard drives make a certain amount of noise and Mac laptops have been getting thinner. That means that the sound barrier between the user and the drive is also thinning, so new computers sometimes sound louder when it is actually less sound shielding. That being said, an increase in drive noise is not a good sign because it is indicating a change in the drive's functionality. If you are not backing up now, please start. Use blank CDs to get your documents, pictures and purchased music saved. The next step would be to buy a FireWire hard drive 160GB or bigger. Use Carbon Copy Cloner to make a bootable mirror copy of your MacBook Pro's hard drive (Carbon Copy Cloner).With all your data saved you need to take the MacBook Pro in for service.. I would recommend going to an Apple Authorized Service Center and not an Apple store. Many service centers like the one here at PowerMax have been fixing Macs for over ten years and are willing to do this type of service work without hesitation. The replacement drive and labor will be covered under your warranty. When you get your computer back it will be like it was when it was new, so during the setup it asks you if there is data from an old Mac that you want to move over. You should say yes and connect that backup FireWire drive. It will then set you up just as you where before the drive was replaced.Good luck and do not wait to long before getting this taken care of.

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