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Ask Max: MacBook issues with AVI files & Word Processing

Asked on 09/07/2006:

Hi Jacob,I recently purchased a 13" MacBook and I like the speed of it but I have several issues with it. I can't get it to play my AVI files. When I open the file, quicktime opens and the slide bar moves as though it is playing but there is no picture and no sound. I've already tried downloading flip2mac and windows media player for Mac. Neither of these work.Also, I can't seem to adjust the sound on my Mac to an audible level. I have it turned all the way up but it's still very quiet.This last issue hasn't caused any problems but it's still annoying. When I press the "TAB" key, instead of tabbing, the key comes disconnected on one side and pops up. Pressing it again makes it go back into the keyboard where it belongs, and pressing it a third time will finally give the desired result of tabbing.Another question I have is, is it possible to do any word processing on a Mac? I can't seem to find any application on mine that would allow typing, editing, or printing of any documents. I really had wanted to move to a Mac and dispose of my PC, but it appears I will have to keep the PC in order to be able to use these vital functions. Your advice is much appreciated.


The program you want to use for your AVI files is the versatile and free VLC ( It is a cross-platform "Swiss Arm Knife" media player. Give VLC a try and see if it solves your playback problems. Your keyboard, on the other hand, may need a trip to the service center see if the key is properly installed and if needed, get replaced.For word processing you have many options. You already have TextEdit in your applications folder. As a basic word processor TextEdit can type formatted text and spell check for you. If you want to use MS Word it is available for the Mac and has long been a standard of the business world. Apple's own Pages is also a very good word processor, without some of the complications and hitches Word has. There are also less expensive yet capable word processors like Mariner Write ( Try some of those options; you truly don't need your PC any longer.Jacob Loeb

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