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Ask Max: MacBook Air Screen Problems

Asked on 06/15/2010:

Hi Jacob,

I'm using a 1st Gen Macbook Air and I cracked it's left hinge the other day, although everything has been running fine.

Today, however, a red glare sort of thing, maybe a hue (I'm not good with the lingo) has appeared on my display and when I move my screen up or down, it goes away momentarily, but if I take my hand away, it goes back to the red tint. I was wondering if you think that the Macbook Air is just completely cooked (I've owned it for 2 years), OR, if I take it into the Apple Store (not sure about my warranty), will they be able to do something about it?

Thanks, Ethan


MacBook Air ScreenApple laptops run display cabling through the hinges so hinge damage will quickly start to affect the display cables.

There is probably a short in the display cable from its contact with the sharp edges on the crack. You should take it into the Apple or Mac Store for support and to get a repair quote. It will likely require a new display housing with the display, it will not be cheap if it is not covered by AppleCare.

Hope this helps sorry tot hear about the problems.

- Jacob

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