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Ask Max: Running X11 With a Mac Pro

Asked on 09/20/2006:

My name is Milt King and I just received my new Mac Pro on Friday. I loaded two (2) more gigs of memory and jumped in. I cannot get X11 to launch and install. All I get is there is an error with the install.I found what I thought to be the right stuff on the 10X discs, downloaded Open Office and nothing but headaches. I am relatively new to Mac but have been running PC and some Linux apps for decades.How do I get X11 on this box?


X11 is offered as an optional install on the OS X install discs. You can probably track down the individual installer on the disc but I would recommend booting off the install disc and selecting the X11 installation in the "Customize" section. From the same area you can unselect all the installers that you don't need. If you are still having problems after that, you may want to do a custom "Archive and Install" from the discs. This is done from the "Options" section when you select your hard drive and just before you get to the "Customize" section. After everything is installed it should be a simple matter of installing the Application and launching it.With Open Office you must make sure you have the correct version for your Mac's processor. Choose the Intel-based download for your Mac Pro from this link. After that, everything should work just fine. I encourage you to also install the Developers Tools, which can help with other aspects of porting Linux/Unix based applications.Let me know how it works.

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