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Ask Max: .Mac Outgoing Mail Server

Asked on 05/26/2006:

I have a 2 or 3 yr old eMac that came with .mac which I tried to use but decided that it was not ok. The problem now is that my mail (Apple's system) occasionally reverts to the send out address of .mac. I have tried to erase it to no avail, it is now acting as if it were a virus. The mail function now frequently drops out, because (I think) an unsent email or photo email was tagged as a .mac sender keeps popping up and then the whole thing drops out, but sometimes mail works for a while and THEN it drops out.

Do you have any idea how annoying this is? Now I'm considering buying a new computer because of this.

Do you have any cheaper solutions?


Apple Mail sometimes has trouble letting go of the past, particularly with SMTP outgoing mail servers. To get rid of your old .Mac SMTP server, open Mail and go to the Mailbox menu and select "Go Offline." This will stop any mail activities that could be crashing the Mail application. Next, from the Mail menu select "Preferences" and click on "Accounts." Click on one of your email accounts. From the pull down field next to "Outgoing Mail Server" select "Edit Server List" and click once on Click on the "Remove Server" button and then click on done.

You may also need to remove your .Mac account from the Accounts list. To remove it, just click on the account once and then click on the "-" button to remove the account. After that you should be able to close the preferences window. Before you select "Go Online" from the Mailbox menu clear out your Outbox. Check to see if there is anything in Drafts waiting to be sent. If you can, delete everything in drafts and then go online.

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