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Ask Max: Is Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard still available?

Asked on 05/24/2010:


I have a Power Mac PC G5 but 10.3.9 and I need an upgrade to 10.5.

It would be nice to find a copy of Leopard but no one has them or it costs an arm and a leg. I love my Mac and just want to upgrade but others have told me to just buy a Mac Mini and have everything I need without purchasing the upgraded software for my machine. What say ye Jacob? What is a person to do?


- Terri


When 10.6 was released without Power PC Mac support I was recommending that everyone grab 10.5 before it was gone for good. At this point your observation about 10.5 Leopard is correct and the advice to get a Mac Mini is probably good advice.

I have to say that I love may Mac Mini and think it is a good choice for most users looking for a desktop system. We regularly have used Intel Mac minis in stock is you're interested in keeping costs down.

- Jacob

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