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Ask Max: My Mac iPhoto Help files are nowhere to be found! Help!

Asked on 04/19/2010:

I just installed iPhoto (the CD is iLife '09) on my Mac Mini, 1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo, running OS X 10.6.3. I updated from iPhoto 6. The iPhoto program itself seems to be running just fine, but I am unable to access Mac iPhoto Help.

When I click on the Mac iPhoto Help in the pulldown menu, the basic help page appears. If I click on any of the items on that page I get the message "Help viewer cannot open this content".

Next, if I enter a subject to search for I will get the list of questions and answers available in Help, but if I click on any item (whether it is an item in the Help material on my hard drive or try to access items that are supposed to get me to Apple's website for articles, I get no response at all.

I tried reinstalling iLife, but that accomplished nothing.

Can you offer me any Mac iPhoto help?

Thank you,



There are a few things that may help.

Try going to your Mac mini Home folder and then to Library. In Library is a folder called Caches. Move the Folder called "" to the Trash. Now go to the Help viewer and see if that fixes your problem.

If the problem continues, and is only occurring on iPhoto help files, then you may need to access those file another way. Go into your Applications folder and find the iPhoto application. Right-click or [control]-click on the iPhoto and select "Show Package Contents."

Then navigate to the help files via this path: /Contents/Resources/English.lproj/iPhoto Help/iPhoto Help.html

Or click/copy this link:


Hope this helps,


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