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Ask Max: Mac File Sharing Problems - ™Items In Use™ Message

Asked on 11/21/2008:

When I insert a zip disc or a memory stick, I get a message saying that file sharing cannot be enabled, then when I try to eject either one it says the disc could not be put away because it contains items that are in use. Any ideas?


It sounds like you at one time had file sharing turned on and shared a mounted volume.

Your system keeps trying to re-share that Zip disk or thumb drive but it is not working properly. If you do not need to share any files on that computer over the network you can just stop sharing it. Choose Control Panels from the Apple menu, then File Sharing from the submenu. Next click the Start/Stop tab and click Stop.If you need to keep File sharing on, then look at un-sharing those items by:

- Selecting the Zip disk or memory disk in the Finder.

- Choose Get Info from the File menu.

- Sharing from the Show menu.

- Click to deselect the checkbox for ™Share this item and its contents.™

That should take care of both problems you are having.

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