Asked on 11/02/2006:

I used to work with the software ULEAD PHOTOIMPACT for WINDOWS. I switched to Mac and I would like to know which software should I have to use? Same as uleadphotoimpact.Thank you for your support.

Answer:One of the problems with this multi-operating-system world is that not all good software will work for everyone.PhotoImpact is one of those programs missed on the Mac platform. You can certainly do all the things that you currently do with PhotoImpact, but not in the same way and not all in one program.


If you are after the photo manipulation features of PhotoImpact then you could use PhotoShop or Photoshop Elements in its place. Photoshop is a pretty powerful program, so I would be shocked if it didn’t have everything you needed and then some. Photoshop Elements works great as well, and it’s much cheaper to get. Again, it really depends on your needs.

Even within iPhoto or Photos many of the same photo tools you use are there, like resizing and color correction. Even Preview does some of these basic tasks. If you are after the line art features, you will need another program. There are many free options for this type of program, one to try would be Inkscape(www.inkscape.org).


If you absolutely must use PhotoImpact, then you have two options to run it on a Mac. First, I’ve read others have had success using something call CrossOver, but I haven’t used it myself. I’m unable to formally recommed it or speak to it, but I’m thowing it out there as an option to look into further.

Second, install Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp.

This question was originally asked in 2006, so there has been many advances in the past 10 years. I have no doubt there is a Mac program that will fulfill the same needs PhotoImpact once did. Let us know what you find.