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Ask Max: .Mac account not fully-functional?

Asked on 11/15/2006:

So good of you to offer your services and knowledge to the greater Mac public...Have a question for you -A friend has a .mac account and has recently updated to a new iMac 20" - now she has a full .mac account but isn't able to access all the functionality - namely photocasting and syncing - when she puts her details into the .mac pane of system prefs it will not recognize her, and returns a message that there is an error. In turn she can't photocast as it won't acknowledge her password or account. She has been able to successfully retrieve email with mail and the account settings pointing at her .mac account, she can also access the web browser component of .mac. Do you know of any issues or work arounds for this????


This kind of .Mac connection failure is interesting because often it is a password or username typo. In this case you have entered the same information in the online .Mac login and it works. That would demonstrate that her account information is accurate and it is something with how the iMac is connecting to .Mac's servers that has failed.. As long as you are using the same display name (the email address without the and the same password that gets you into the .Mac web-mail, then it should connect the computer to the other services.There was an issue this last summer with some .Mac users being cut off by the Wanadoo/Orang ISP. You can read the long discussion but this particular issue was resolved (Apple Discussion). One interesting solution that worked for some on this discussion was power-cycling the DSL modem and rebooting the system. In another instance the 10.4.6 update broke some users' connection to .Mac (Apple Discussion). I believe updating fixed the issue, but an interim fix was to remove the passwords from the Keychain and preference pane, then reenter them. If your problem is related to these past issues, using some of the interim fixes could be worth a try. You should also temporarily eliminate any routers or hubs and just directly connect the Mac to the DSL/Cable modem's ethernet port. It may even be worthwhile to take the iMac to another location. If you can connect to .Mac from a different ISP then you know the issue is with Hiedi's ISP, but if it will not connect at both places then you know it is a system configuration issue.As a last ditch attempt, try to connect to the iDisk as if it was not hers. From the finders "Go" menu mouse over iDisk. There is an option to connect to another users iDisk in the pop-out menu. Click on that option and enter Hiedi's information. Connecting that way should tell you if you are blocked to all .Mac services on her computer or just the one setup inside the system preferences..I hope that helps some, let me know how it works out.

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