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Ask Max: Loud continuous fans on a G5

Asked on 08/28/2006:

Hi Jacob,I have a G5 tower and if I let it stand for a while it goes to sleep and the fans run continuously and very loudly. I can not wake it up by pushing the space bar and must hit the start button to stop and restart it. Everything then returns to normal.What do you think???


Some G5 towers had problems with waking from sleep or inactivity. The single processor 1.8 G5 had a problem like you described. It was fixed by running this firmware update. This update will only run on 1.8 G5 towers, but other G5 firmware updates could help your problem if you don't have a 1.8 G5. Search Apple's support download section for firmware updates that work on your system.Let me know if that helps.Jacob Loeb

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