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Ask Max: Lost audio on a G4 PowerBook

Asked on 02/04/2011:

Our Apple laptop (a Mac OS X, processor 1.67 GHz Power PC G4; memory 1.5 DDR SDRAM) has lost sound and we cannot figure our how to restore it.

Can you help?



With the G4/1.67, there were two different models. One has a standard analog audio port (headphone jack), and one has the Combination Analog/Digital Optical port. It's possible that the the sensor that detects a headphone connection may be tripped. This would cause the notebook's speakers to be silent. One way to determine this, is to plug in headphones, and see if you get sound through those. Also, if you go into System Preferences, then to Sound, and check "Output". It should list which devices are providing sound output. Does it list "Line out/headphones" or internal speakers? Let me know what the results of these are, and we can go to the next step of restoring sound for you.

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