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Ask Max: Loss of Photos with iLife 06

Asked on 04/25/2007:

I seem to have lost some of my pictures in iPhoto when we installed iLife 06 on my iMac. Where the thumbnail photos used to be there are blank gray spaces with picture numbers underneath. How can I get the pictures back? I think they are still somewhere in the computer; however, they do not appear in the photo library.


Sorry to hear about that,

Here are a few things to try when searching for missing photos. First click and hold on the grey space while holding down the "Control" button found on the keyboard. A menu will pop up in which you will want to select "Show File." That should take you to where iPhoto remembers the file was located. If you find it there, then just reimport it into iPhoto by dragging the photo file to the iPhoto icon in the Dock. If that doesn't work, then you can try to do a Spotlight search for the picture's name. Just click the blue eyeglass icon in the right corner of your screen and type in the name of the picture you are looking for. If it is in your computer, Spotlight should find it.

One of the two methods should work for you if they are still on your system.

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