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Ask Max: Is the Logitech Gamepad Mac OS 8.6 compatible?

Asked on 10/09/2006:

Is this definitely NOT OS 8.6 compatible? Looking for an idiot-proof, uber-simple gamepad to play games on my bondi iMac.


I bought a Gamepad similar to the one you are looking at two years back and have tried it with many games. Even though it is ™supported™ by the Mac, it still has not worked worth a damn. The games have to have support for the controllers for it to work, and many Mac games do not support these Logitech Precision Gamepads. Most of the USB gamepads support InputSprocket games, so your games may work with it even though it is not technically supported.The best advice is to see what other users of your specific games are using and see if you can pick up one of those controllers.

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