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Ask Max: LG Burning Out

Asked on 03/13/2013:

Hey -- I have a 19" LG monitor hooked up to an older model Mac Mini for about 5 years and the monitor is constantly flashing. I don't know if the problem is the monitor or the Mac. I wanted to bring the monitor into your shop, hook it up to a Mac and see which it is. If it's the monitor, then I'll buy a new one from you guys. If it's the Mac, I'll pony up for a laptop.

Let me know what you think -- thanks!

Randall Hall


The display flashing could be related to a few different things. It could be an issue with the power supply within the display, the power source (power strip outlet), or related to the Mac Mini itself. Testing the display on another machine would be one good option. Also, test the Mac mini with a different display, as may also point to the source of the trouble.

Do you have someone that you know that has a notebook with a compatible display connection? That would save packing up the display for transport and provide some of the testing needed.

If you would like to bring it in for diagnostics and/or service, please contact one of our Mac Experts to set up a service appointment.

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