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Ask Max: Laptop vs Desktop – What are the drawback of only using a laptop?

Asked on 04/22/2010:


I'm a graphic designer and am still happy with my G5 tower (yes, G5). I don't upgrade often because I like to underconsume as much as possible and upgrade

only when necessary.

However, I'm facing an upgrade soon and would like to have a laptop for some uses but don't want to spend the money on both a new desktop as well as a laptop.

Are there drawbacks to having a laptop vs desktop as your sole computer? What are some laptop vs desktop pros and cons? What things would I need to consider if I were to go that route? I would keep my 21" monitor for my main display.

Thank you,



Desktop vs Laptop? Go with the 15" MacBook Pro.I think if you look at the 15" or 17" MacBook Pro you can safely replace a desktop system with an Apple laptop. The dedicated video RAM and bigger GPU in those models makes it a viable desktop replacement. I personally use the 15" MacBook Pro with an external display for my work machine and have never looked back.

- Jacob

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