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Ask Max: I've got a classic Mac, from 1982. Is this machine of any significant value?

Asked on 07/02/2009:

I own an old Mac and I wonder if there is any value to it.

I own and still in the original box, a Mac 512k. Model number M0001 W, 512k, Made in the USA, serial number F5472P9M0001W, Feburary 10,1982, Die Mold Delux, Elmhurst, Illinois, tool no.6. Apple P/N 810-0374. It will boot up with no problem and I have some software.

Is there any value to it outside of the paper weight value?




Although that machine is not of value for a work Mac computer, there may be collectors or other fans interested in buying it. You could post it on eBay or and see who is interested in it. I do not know of a good price though, so eBay without a reserve and a padded shipping charge would be a good idea.

- Jacob

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