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Ask Max: I've got 5 devices - which router is best for my home network?

Asked on 12/16/2009:

I want a router that is big enough to handle 2 iMacG5's 24", 1 iMacG5 20", 1 HP Pavilion a1430n, 1 Samsung ML2251N Laserjet printer.

I'm not real sharp on this stuff, but I'm assuming the router would be the first thing to hook to the Modem from Comcast, then all the others would hook to the router?

Right now I have a small router Linksys Ethernet/DSL router and Farallon Starlet 14 hooked to that. Something has stopped working. When I hook one computer directly to the Modem it works with cable and email. When it is the only computer on, and hooked to the Farallon it won't hook to the internet.

I have gone through the turn this one off, wait a minute, turn that off, wait a minute, etc turn the modem off, wait a minute, turn the electrical outlet off, wait a minute, turn the outlet back on and each item in turn starting with the modem, then the Linksys router, then the Farralon waiting a minute for each, no computers work with internet although they do function.

I do not want wireless, I am even more lost then. I purchased the last iMacG5 from you just a short time ago.

- Harry


When it comes to ease of use, I would recommend the Apple Airport base station over any other router. All the tools needed to set it up are already on all your Macs and you can mix wireless and wired computers.

I would have your Pavilion and Samsung printer connect to it via ethernet, and have all your AirPort enable Macs connect via Wireless connections. I think you will be happy with speed at getting it setup and added ability to share a hard drive on the network will make your computers interact better.

- Jacob

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