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Ask Max: iTunes and MP3 players that are not an iPod

Asked on 10/22/2007:

This may be a little out of your area of expertise. I'm wondering if the iPod is the ONLY MP3 player which will work with Macs. Is that right? Other types of MP3 players state Windows is needed, but I'm wondering if that's true. If it connects by USB, wouldn't it be possible to move MP3s from the Mac to the player? I'd like to have a player just to play podcasts. I'm not a fan of iTunes.


Although Apple acts as if the iPod was the only MP3 player you could ever want, it is still possible to use other MP3 players with your Mac. Like everything Apple makes, the iPod is integrated into the Apple software, and adding songs to it is a one step process that doesn't work with any other player. If you are willing to use a multi-step process, then you can use most of the MP3 players on the market. The main thing to do is get your songs in MP3 format. You can encode songs as MP3 in iTunes or any other Jukebox program. In iTunes' preferences, select the advanced section and then click on the "Importing" tab. Change the Import Using pop-out menu to "MP3 Encoder" and then click OK. This will set iTunes to encode newly imported songs as MP3 format.If you already have songs encoded in another format, then you will have to do one more step to convert your song files in iTunes. After you have done the above step to fix your importing method, you then have to go to the Advanced menu in iTunes and select "Convert Selection to MP3." You will have to do this with every song file that is not in MP3 format in order to play them on the widest variety of MP3 players. Songs bought from the iTunes store will need to be burned to an Audio CD format first, then imported as a MP3. This is because most iTunes audio is copy protected, but when you burn in the standard Audio CD format the copy protection is removed.Now that your songs are converted, it is just a matter of getting them onto the MP3 player. In nearly every instance, you can connect a MP3 player to your Mac and it will show up as a removable drive. You then just need to copy MP3 files to that drive and the player will find them and play them. To copy the files from iTunes you just have to drag the song file from your library over the MP3 player's drive icon on the desktop. When you get a green "+" symbol next to the mouse pointer, you can release it and a copy will be made on the player.Thats it: not too hard! hope it works for you.

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