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Ask Max: iSub Not Showing Up in Sound Preferences

Asked on 05/26/2006:

I recently purchased a new iMac Intel and in the sound preferences my iSub doesn't show up. Although under System Profiler it shows. I called Apple and they referred me to Harmon/Kardon the manufacturer. I called them and was told it was an Apple problem and they had no drivers for it, and that would be up to Apple to do so.

In my searching for an answer to this problem, I have noticed there are several websites addressing this. Just lots of questions, but so far no answers. Hopefully you will know.



This is an Apple driver issue that has been the thorn in the side of many Intel Mac customers. It is a strange quirk that only effects first revision iSub owners who have the Intel version of Mac OS X. PowerPC users are unaffected by this. To further complicate this, Apple is solely responsible for creating Mac drivers for the iSub and as of yet, has not fixed the problem.

However, some creative folks on the Apple forums have devised a workaround. The temporary solution is to use another USB audio devices for sound output and the iSub will start working. An iMic with a connected pair of multimedia speakers would do the trick.

Here is a link to the Apple forum discussion.


Hope that gets your bass pumping.

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