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Ask Max: Is there such a thing as ™computer insurance™?

Asked on 02/20/2009:

Is there any kind of coverage one can buy which would pay to fix the computer if you dropped it? My wife had knocked our Mac Pro off the bed and it dented the aluminum case. I was told it would be about $700 to replace the lower case. The next computer I buy will need to have some kind of coverage in case it’s damaged. I mean some reasonable distance of course.

I am looking at buying a refurbished unit from you folks and want to know what kind of protection package to buy to better protect the asset.



There are some third party insurance services for computers but the best method of protection comes from your Home Owners or Renters insurance. If you contact your insurance provider, they can talk to you about adding a Computer Rider to your policy. It often has very little additional cost and you can specify an appropriate deductible.

I hope this helps, sorry to hear about the accident.

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