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Ask Max: Is there software for filling out PDF forms on a Mac?

Asked on 05/07/2007:

Didn't think this was worth a phone call. Does anyone here know of any software for OS10.xx that will import a .pdf file (for example a form or a chart) and allow one to fill it out and print it? I know there are a couple of products for Windows (including the $800 Adobe program) but I can find nothing for the Mac. Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place?


There are many Mac options for filling out PDF forms. Adobe has the most advanced support for PDF editing. There are Mac versions of Acrobat Standard and Professional. Adobe has trial versions of both. There is also an application called PDFpen. I have not used this, but it looks like it will work for what you want to do, and they offer a free demo so you can try it out.

One of those should work but there are many more available; a quick Google search showed dozens. Let me know if you need further suggestions.

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