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Ask Max: Is there signal booster available for a wireless iMac?

Asked on 09/22/2008:

Is there a range extender (or signal booster) available for the iMac wireless computer? I have the Time Capsule connected to a PC in an adjacent room and occasionally lose the internet connection. I have a Westell 2200 modem.I see two on your site but would like to know which one, if any, would help with my iMac connections.


As I understand your network, you have a Westell 2200 DSL modem plugged in through Ethernet to your Time Capsule router/Drive's WAN port. Your PC is connected by Ethernet to the Time Capsule's LAN port and your iMac connects wirelessly to the Time Capsule.

The problem you have is that the iMac is too far away from the Time Capsule to get a good signal. The best option for you would be an added Airport Express. You can wirelessly link your Time Capsule to the new Airport Express Via the WDS feature of Airport. This will let you place your new Airport Express halfway between your Time Capsule and iMac to create that boosted network range you wanted.

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