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Ask Max: Is there no disk drive in the Macbook Air?

Asked on 10/13/2008:

I just got a Mac Air, and am I right to believe that there is no disk drive?

If so, I have another question: How are you supposed to import CDs with no disk drive? I understand that you can "share" things by using you other computer, but does it stay on your computer afterwards?


There is no internal disk drive for the MacBook Air but you can get a Macbook Air SuperDrive.The other option is to use the disc-sharing feature to “borrow” the optical drive of a computer on your network. The data does not stay on the computer with the optical drive but instead gets relayed over the network to the MacBook Air. It is a cool feature and works well. Macs that are going to share their drive have to enable "DVD or CD Sharing" in the Sharing section of System Preferences. After that, the MacBook Air can request to use that computer's optical drive.

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